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Jon Heder is a name that people are starting to become familiar with. Starring roles in Napoleon Dynamite, The Benchwarmers, Blades of Glory, Just like Heaven and School For Scoundrels has almost made him a household name. Who is this man and where has he hailed from?

"Jon was born 26th of October in Fort Collins, Colorado. He grew up in a family of six children. He has a twin brother, named Daniel.

He is a graduate of South Salem High School, Salem, Oregon.

Attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. [2004]

He is heavily into 1970s clothes, music, etc.

His father is an MD in practice in West Salem, Oregon whose office sports a large poster of Jon in Napoleon Dynamite (2004).

Interesting enough a stock photo of Jon appears on the box cover of Screenlife's "Quip It!" board game. According to Screenlife, "The image on the font of the Quip It! game box was picked from a variety of stock model photos because it best captured the attitude of this fun, irreverent game. Surprisingly, at the time the image was selected, the design team did not know the image was Jon Heder. That just happens to be an ironic twist since the image was selected merely to convey the reaction people get when they see the visual puzzles and read out Quips during the game."

Spent two years in Japan on the traditional proselytizing mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Nephew of former All Pro Philadelphia Eagles Punt Returner and now NBC/WCAU-TV Philadelphia Sportscaster, Vai Sikahema through his current wife. His father Jim is the older brother of WCAU the sportscaster's wife, Keala.

Jon and his wife, Kirsten, met at Brigham Young University. Jon and Kirsten became the parents of a girl, Evan Jane Heder, born April 6, 2007."

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His roles appeal to teens everywhere. He has won several awards from MTV and has been nominated for several others. I would not recommend these movies for a young audience (with the exception of Just Like Heaven), but if you like the slap stick comedy of stupid funny, then these movies are worth watching.

I would like to see Jon starring in more movies like "Just Like Heaven". He has proven himself a great sidekick, but I would like for him to explore more of his serious, caring side. You'll see Heder again in 2009 in "When in Rome" being produced by Disney.

His voice talents extends to the animated movies "Monster House" and "Surfs Up". Both are movies geared for children and ones I would highly recommend.

Perhaps the best thing going for Heder at the moment is the spotlight is on him and everyone is looking. Jon keeps to the standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Just as lyrics were changed for the Osmonds, scripts are being changed for Heder. He is respected among his peers and states that keeping his standards isn't hard because he has done them all his life.

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