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Everyone in the household was worked up to see Cloverfield. An American Godzilla story set in Manhattan Island (Why is it always the New York City area that gets destroyed?). After watching it last night I was grateful I hadn't spent money at the theater to watch it.

The story is about Rob who is moving to Japan after receiving a promotion. Rob and his long time girlfriend Beth are going through a rough time. A surprise going away party is hosted for Rob in which Beth attends with a date.

Jason is Rob's brother who is in love with Lily. Lily and Jason are the brains behind the surprise party. Jason is trying to console Rob about Beth while encouraging Rob to do something about it.

Hud is the brother's friend who is documenting the whole party on video so that Rob will have something to watch while in Japan when missing his family and friends. Marlene is the girl that Hud likes, but she isn't really into anyone at the party. She's a loner for the most part.

Those are the characters and believe me when I say that is the best part of this movie. While the party is in full swing an "earthquake" happens that shakes Manhattan Island. Going down to the streets the people find a gruesome "thing" knocking Lady Liberty's head off. Fire erupts from buildings every time this monster hits a building.

The goal for our six characters to get off the island safely. Well is doesn't happen. Everyone dies, except maybe the Lily, but we never know for sure. Hud is recording everything as this group runs helter skelter around the island. Now Rob is trying to get to Beth who is impaled in her apartment building. Jason dies while trying to get across the Brooklyn bridge. Marlene explodes after getting bitten by one of the "thing's" babies. Lily gets on a helicopter, but it is left unknown as to whether she really makes it off the island safely. Hud gets eaten by the "thing". Rob and Beth die together when the military bombs the area they are hiding in.

All of this filming is done as a video recording from Hud. There is no follow up as to whether the "thing" is killed or if it moves on to another part of the area. There is no explanation as to where it came from or what it exactly is. There is not a happily-ever-after ending. The movie lacked in plot support and closure. The acting itself seemed to be on the same level as amateur home movies.

It is rated PG-13 for violence and dramatic scenes. They failed to note the language used in the rating. If you really must see a preview to see if my critique is tainted here it is. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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