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My last entry spoke of good-hearted, wholesome dramas including "Sarah Plain and Tall" starring Glenn Close. Today I would like to look at teh actress a little closer and share some of her diverse talents.

Though born in the states, most of Glenn's education was received overseas. "As a high school student at Greenwich's Rosemary Hall, the actress organized a touring rep-theater group and performed a number of folk-singing gigs." (,_Glenn/Biography/)

Her career was jump-started when George Roy Hill spotted her performing on stage and asked her to audition for Garp's mother in the movie "The World According to Garp", which premiered in 1982.

After this break through Glenn Close was offered other roles, most notably for me, "Fatal Attraction". I saw this movie once. The portrayal Glenn Close gave of a psychotic woman bent on revenge due to complete obsession with a one night stand, was enough to keep me from watching it a second time. In the military I worked with a mentally disturbed woman. I was assigned as her protector at one point. The injuries that the psychotic woman gave herself was similar to those also self inflicted by my co-worker. I had seen reality in person and then again on the screen several months later.

Glenn Close held several dramatic and deeply enthralling roles in her life, but she also has let her hair down with roles in "Mars Attack!" and the live action versions of "101 Dalmations" and "Hook".

She has also been used as an animated voice in such movies as "Hoodwinked" and "Tarzan I & II". Glenn has been an executive producer for various movies including the Sarah Plain and Tall series.

Her talents are not limited to the big screen however. She has been in television dramas such as "The Shield", "Will and Grace", "The West Wing", "Sesame Street" and the "The Simpson". This in itself shows her versatility.

Recently she was in a new series called "Damages". She plays the role of career minded, back-stabbing, litigation lawyer Patty Hewes who wants to bring down tycoon, CEO Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson). Patty will stop at nothing to win and case. Her characters manipulation skills are "3-D" in emotion. The viewer can't help to hate her.

She has vocals too. She has sung on many occasions on many stages. Here is a classic "Send in the Clowns"

With such versatility and talent, Glenn Close deserves more than a quick glance. Check out this website and find a show you enjoy on this list of Glenn Close appearances.

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