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Okay I am not normally a political analysis, but the the things that are happening in the Obama administration is turning me into one.

Does anyone know how the government is supposed to be run? In Candace Salima's blog

States Must Demand Sovereignty from Federal Government

located at: http://candacesalima.blogspot.com/2009/02/states-must-demand-sovereignty-from.html you'll get a good idea of what it isn't supposed to be.

Federal Government was established to be a liaison with foreign governments. The State has all authority to act within its boundaries. The County within its boundaries and the towns/cities within their boundaries without federal government involvement. In other words the people have the right to to determine what is good for their area.

With the federal government telling the people what to do in their own homes and neighborhoods they have violated the very foundation upon which a free government was established by our founding fathers. How else are we to govern ourselves?

The government tries to tell us what our children will be taught (homosexuality is normal), what can and can't happen in our homes (no teaching of principles which are opposed to government teaching, like homosexuality being normal). We demanded our freedom from Mother Britain so that the government could not tell us what we had to believe in.

We must demand that our states take back their sovereignty. We must demand that power be returned to the people. We must demand that we do not come under a socialistic or communistic rule. We must demand that our appointed representatives listen to the voice of the people. We must take action in order to save this nation from falling into a course of government that it cannot escape from.

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