Obama's Handicap  

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Obama's comment about the Special Olympics participants on the Jay Leno show has received wide spread notoriety. More than what may be warranted. Glenn Beck said, in essence, that as a father of a disabled child he got over it.

Well I too am a mother of a disabled child. I too take no offense, but for no other reason than I think Obama himself should be in the Political Special Olympics. His handicap for finesse and eloquence is apparent. A gutter ball statement from him is now expected.

Set that aside, people are saying that Obama needs to be "politically" correct in this matter. Being politically correct is exactly for political situations...like Hillary Clinton with Russia's "over-charged" button.

Let's be real people and not give Obama more press coverage. His ego is being filled by his power and position. Being on the Jay Leno show and acting as if he is the greatest gift to the world, should be sufficient time spent on a man who can't even prove he was born.

I am beginning to think he was spawned by the devil. Why has America not pursued this more aggressively? He is not my President and wont be acknowledged as such, even remotely, until this issue is resolved. Ahhh, but that is another blog to right.

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