America will Survive  

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Paul L.,

July 4th is suppose to be the date of the million man march. Additional tea Parties and marches will ring out across this land. Freedom will still ring in the hearts of true Americans across this land no matter what the current administration does.

Some bad analogy coming, but the heart of America is not in an individual's head, but in their heart, their soul, even in the blood which courses through the veins. I have said for years that my blood is red, white and blue. If you think about it, it is literal. Blue veins and red and white cells, but the analogy runs far deeper than a few quarts of blood.

The very fiber of our "being Americans" cannot be separated from our bodies. It is the Spirit of Americans that escapes the solid substance of body and permeates the very air we breathe. It cannot be contained, nor should it be. For that reason alone, America will survive.

A government administration cannot wipe out all that is good within the heart and soul of America. Even if a bare thread were to survive, which it will, then the fight continues and the thread will gather those together to once again make a strong cord.

Do not give up or give in. We are they who will keep America breathing.

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