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The fight (struggle from within) is for the individual freedoms of American citizens. Call it Health care Reform or Co-op it is the same idea under a different label. The government is our own worst enemy right now. We have allowed them in our homes and lives to the extent that their God complex has been shaped by the very people they are sworn to protect.

As a military member I swore to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Well people it is domestic now and we need to protect this land with every ounce of energy we have. Town hall meetings, phone calls, pressure on congress and the mighty word are working across the nation. Our one voice has become many. The volume is ever increasing in the ears of Washington. Our coastal waves will soon be an over whelming tide of Americans demanding their voices be heard and obeyed.

This article that follows is precise as to what Washington wants to do with health care reform. Do not be fooled. It is still as dangerous as before.

"Co-op Compromise" is Plan B for Obama - not a victory for America

It appears that the public option is being dumped in favor of the "co-op". While this might seem like a victory, it is far from it - it is a compromise to ever expanding government.

Government is teetering on the edge of critical mass and invading every aspect of our lives. The rapid pace of the Obama Adminstration's expansion was made possible by the slow encroachment of growing government - on a groundwork built by Democrats and Republicans alike for almost 100 years now.

The "co-op" option coming out of D.C. right now is just one more such encroachment, one more incremental click towards totalitarianism. If it is wrong to have a public option, why is it right for government to seed non-profit cooperatives? If government intervention is wrong, it is wrong on principle. Wrong on the principle that it still violates the rights of some individuals who are forced to pay for cooperatives that they do not wish to participate in.

This point should be made very clearly - if there are 299,999,999 Americans who want government to pay for insurance, but just 1 who opposes it. That single American should not be forced to spend a penny on any kind of public plan, because we don't live in a democracy that allows society to bully individuals, we live in a republic that upholds the rights of individuals.

Our pressure should not relent, all representatives should be held to the standards set by our Founders in their fight for our republic. Any representative that supports a co-op plan supports the status quo of government intervention in our lives.

We must advocate for Capitalism which is the only system that subordinates the will of the government to the will of the individual.
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