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Famous Family Night Reviewed on LDS Women's Book Review

I was thrilled to read Sheila's review of Famous Family Nights over on LDS Women's Book Review yesterday.

Sheila sent me an email interview earlier in the week and I nearly missed responding because we have a house move in process. I didn't know a blog post was this imminent, so it was a lovely surprise on a cold, wet, way-too-busy day. Thank you, Sheila, and the staff at LDS Women's Book Review. You all do a great job letting readers know about current LDS books.

Below is a snippet from Sheila's post. To read the whole thing, together with the interview, please visit LDS Women's Book Review.
I have to say, one of my favorite sections was written by one of my favorite author friends, Josi Kilpack, called "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Spirits". It made me crack up! Josi has the best sense of humor and it shows in her contribution to this book! :) Then I really appreciated the section by, Shannon Hoffman. She also is a single parent like me. It was good to see how to have FHE's when you are having to fly solo and keeping things running in your family. I also really loved Eric Dodge, a country music singer, and his chapter called, "Nothing as Valuable as Family". I have to admit here, I could go through this whole book and tell you what I liked about each chapter. I found something worthwhile to be used with my own little family, from every contributor.

I highly recommend this book to every family out there! It doesn't matter what kind of family you are, there is something for you in this great book that Anne Bradshaw compiled. With Christmas heading our way quickly, this book would be a fabulous gift for family members.
LATEST NEWS - Famous Family Nights is #1 in Deseret Book's online Family Home Evening category at Deseretbook.com!

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