Arise Patriots in Defense of Your Country  

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"I would rather a tattered, dirty American flag that has been defended by its people fly limply over our nation forever, than to ever see a newly raised flag of communism, that has been handed to an eagerly awaiting people, waving proudly, casting its shadow over this nation for a moment." Linda Scanlan

So many people refuse to see what is happening right before our eyes. Within my lifetime, years ago, this country would have been in open rebellion over the things that are going on in Washington. Within the last week Obama has given Interpol more authority on American soil than our own government has.

The government is now taxing the guns Americans own. They must be registered and taxed. Every clip and every type of gun must be declared. What a sneaky way to find out how many Americans are armed.

Oklahoma has the right idea. Show The Government who really has control over their state. Take illegal immigration for instance, if you don't belong, then away you go....period! Check out their other firm standings in my "Yeah for Oklahoma" blog.

Is everyone waking up now?
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