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I bought this months issue of Popular Mechanics (not a thing I normally do) because of the main story on the cover. The topic was about using MRI's to read a person's thought. The ability to read emotions and thoughts using this technology has increased sufficiently that new concerns are arising.
One concern was the right not to incriminate oneself in a court of law. Yes the Constitution came into play. Another concern was the invasion of privacy. Spouses could verify whether or not their partner was being faithful.
While these thoughts and concerns are being wrestled with at levels not yet determined, our family took it to another level. We were watching the movie "Meet The Robinsons". Little Lewis invented a memory machine which could unlock memories from a person's past to reveal answers that they were looking for. Of course between the two veins of thought, we decided that looking into my mind would be a comical experience.
I frequently surprise the family with out of the blue giggles and when asked why, my reply could be as silly as "I just scared you in my mind". Recently I asked the children what they saw or heard in life that reminded them of me. My son-in-law Brady said a wheelchair (I was in a wreck and crushed both of my legs and was in a wheelchair much of the time). One daughter said the song "Mony, Mony". All the children fortunately left out the scaring escapades and the Calamity Jane experiences I frequently go through.
What would the world, or your family, find in your mind?

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