Mercy vs Justice: Part 1  

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I've been on the rod again this week and have listened to a lot of talk radio. One of the issues that is being repeated is the little boy who started one of the fires in California. I have a problem with the boy being prosecuted (if it goes that far).

The boy is 10 years old. He was man enough to admit it to his parents. His parents in turn were honest enough to go to the police and tell them what happened. Kudos to the parents for raising such a responsible boy and for setting te right example for him. Now the young boy is being considered for prosecution.

He's 10 years old people!!!! It was an accident. He will remember this for the rest of his life and I am pretty sure that his next three generations will also learn from this. Is there no such thing as "accidents" any more? Must there always be a law and accountability for everything?

I know that was a bold and broad statement but let's keep in in context with this story. Should a little boy, barely old enough to be accountable for his actions, be prosecuted? Should he be put in juvenile? Should he even be mandated to counseling?

He showed remorse and accountability. There is no way for him to pay back that which was taken. Maybe he should do community service by speaking to kids in the school systems about not playing with matches. I say give him some slack. Use All States plan of accident forgiveness.

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