Mercy vs Justice: Part 2  

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We have a young boy at the age of ten who caused thousand of acres of California lands to be burned and over twenty homes to be burned. The news reports that the parents are open to many civil suits. I am concerned over this.

21 home owners filing civil lawsuits over an accident. Law suits that could legally be won because of the admission and honesty of the very family that will be sued. The amount that would be awarded could not possibly be paid by this family. This family would be ruined and haunted for years to come.

Each home owner, assumably, would have ample insurance to cover their losses. That would have been a responsible thing to have as a home owner and which banks require if there is a mortgage still on the home. Their loss could be financially covered by their insurances. The more important things, like family pictures and heirlooms, may not be replaceable, but the lives that were not taken should be sufficient gain to overcome those losses.

People, we are talking about a ten year old boy who admitted to his guilt and his parents who revealed that truth to the proper authorities. The California fires are a tragedy, but let humanity shine through in this instance. Let forgiveness be showered upon a ten year old and his family. Let the home owners carefully weigh their decisions before contacting a lawyer.

How many of us have done something terrible and tragic in our pasts and not been caught? Life was not taken in this case. Everything else is just material things that for the most part can be replaced. As they say "You can't take it with you." Don't let something so temporal replace the divine act of forgiveness.

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