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Rescued: Candlelight Media Group presents "Rescued" starring Jaci Twiss, Shea Potter, and Matthew Reese as three coworkers who get stranded on an island after a business flight gone wrong. As they survive together, a love triangle emerges, and Megan (Twiss) starts to see the importance of being true to yourself and what matters most. The film is directed by Brian Brough, and produced by Brough and Brittany Wiscombe, and written by Wiscombe. It was released on DVD April 29th. See the trailer for Rescued on the Candlelight Media Group website.

Now that the "official" description is past let's get on with the meat of the story.

Megan has lost her way, only she doesn't see it that way. She makes one excuse after another for not attending church, breaking the Word of Wisdom and not being a member missionary. She has been raised in a devout Latter-Day Saint home. She feels that the rules are too restricting. Once out on her own she tries to fit in by not letting her Mormon light shine.

Enter Chris. Chris watched Megan in her early months at the company reading the Book of Mormon during breaks. He found Megan to be of substance unlike many of her co-workers. Chris is intrigued and eventually is converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ because of Megan's early example.

Then comes Mark. He's the office "hottie" that makes every girl wish she were his latest girl. Mark takes credit where credit is and isn't due, leaving behind friends and co-workers in the dust.

Megan has her eye on Mark. Chris has his eye on Megan. Mark has his eye on anything feminine. The trio embark on a company trip to Indonesia. The plane they're on goes down. The three co-workers find themselves on a deserted island. Romantic for Megan, an inconvenience for Mark, and an opportunity for Chris.

This movie shows how deception is used in today's society. It also shows how one who has slipped from the safe path can find a way back. Finally this film shows how hard it can be to fit in when you are true and faithful to your covenants.

This movie is a wonderful reminder to keep our standards high. Grab the popcorn, sit back and relax. This would be a wonderful film for Family Home Evening.

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