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School ends here next week and we are already booking our summer vacations. A family reunion in Colorado, art camp in North Dakota, girls camp in Idaho and time with my husband in Montana. This of course is all in June!!!

One of the perfect movies to get families ready for their summer vacation is "RV" starring Robin Williams. Let's start with some movie facts from

- In the sequence where we meet the Gornicke's for the first time, Billy's right front tooth is only about a quarter of the way grown in. When he meets Bob in the Bathroom later that night, the same tooth is about halfway grown in. When they leave the next day, it's all the way grown in. Thus, that sequence must have actually taken a couple of weeks or so to shoot.

- Early in the movie, when Bob (Williams) makes a last minute hard turn at the corner, the pop-out slides out revealing that it has no sides to it.

- As the Monroes are entering Utah, the Welcome to Utah sign is in the emergency breakdown lane of the highway.

- When the Monroes pull in for fuel, Bob fills the diesel RV with unleaded gasoline.

Murphy's Law had to be the frame work for this movie. Bob Munro sees his family falling into social isolation from each other. All he wants is family time and memories. The family trip to Hawaii has to be canceled due to a work conflict (go to a business meeting in Colorado or be fired), so Bob rents an RV and takes his family on vacation. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

The Munro's meet the Gornickes who are RV pros. All three of the Gornicke children are named after former NFL players from the Houston Oilers: Earl (Earl Campbell); Moon (Warren Moon) and Billy ('Billy "White Shoes' Johnson' ). The Gornickes become unwanted friends that the Monros try unsuccessfully to lose.

The value of this movie is in knowing our vacations could never be so bad.

This movie is rated PG for crude humor, innuendo and language. This is a must see prior to any vacations you take this summer.

Before you head back to the Neighborhood, check out RV living in the 30's.

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