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Recent conversations in our house hold have centered on the recommendations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to have a minimum of one year supply of food on hand. Food storage and emergency preparedness seems more practical today as gas prices increase due to the $160 barrel of oil imports.

Minimum wage is set so low as to make a wage earner not afford a vehicle and all of its expense (gas, insurance, maintenance, payments), especially the new graduate or family. Walking, car pooling, or city transport systems must be used more fully in order for the average American to afford the necessities of life; like food, housing, clothing.

Those who have been blessed with higher wages due to years on the job, education or expertise, know that they are not guaranteed against hardships either. It is taking more and more effort for the dollar to spread as far as what is required to survive.

Recently we made the decision to take satellite TV out of our home. The resulting savings equaled over $900 a year. Likewise the excess home phone, extra garbage can and other non-essential amenities are being deleted. The savings from these few changes are enough to focus more financially for the storms ahead.

We have been blessed exceedingly in life. We do not own a huge fancy house, though it is large enough to house the children who seem to constantly flux in and out of its walls, due to the hard economic pressures of society. We do not own sporty or excessive cars. Our clothes still mainly come from Wal-Mart and our food from bargain sales.

As a family we have sacrificed and invested in tents which can and will house our large family if needed. We have dutch ovens in various sizes. Winter survival gear (sleeping bags, low temperature clothing, etc) has slowing been added to our efforts. We have been blessed of the Lord with these things.

Many people think "I have applied my money for these things in order to provide for my family in a day of need." This thinking is completely wrong. The "I" and "my"s are way too plentiful. The Lord has blessed you with these things, so that He might be able to use them as He sees fit at some future date.

Everything we have comes from the Lord and is only in our possession because of His goodness and mercy towards us. Even the very breath we breath is a gift. The Lord knows our needs, but He also knows the full story. He knows who is willing to impart of their substance in order to support the whole.

A thirty + man tent is sufficient for our seven children and their families to live in if homes should be lost. However, so is a twenty + man tent. Should the Lord require a larger tent, and should we own that larger tent, for a school building, infirmary, kitchen, office or whatever, then He is more than welcomed to it. He has provided it in the first place. He has laid up in store those things, with people that He trusts, so that He can have them available when they are needed to save His people from tragedy. Who are we to say no to the Lord who has given us so much in the first place?

A Christ like people and a Zion community must not think of themselves or their family first. They must have foremost in their heart and mind the will of the Lord. The City of Enoch was such a society. There was no poor among them and wickedness could not enter in, because the people of the city desired only to do the Lord's will, not their own.

Keep this in mind if we are asked to depart with worldly substances. We may never know if it is an Angel or the Lord himself asking for these things. When Bishops and leaders of the Church ask what you have available to share with a community in need, do not hesitate to respond, honestly and willingly.

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