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This past week I underwent an emergency surgical procedure, which has left me with a little more time on my hands than usual; hence more research has occurred. This blog is a result of that research and thought process.

Have all of you seen "I am Legend" with Will Smith? A Sci Fi adventure film about New York City being annihilated and left with only mutated beings in control. Then there is Will Smith struggling to survive by day, and locked in tight at night.

Let's move on to the Mad Max Series starring Mel Gibson. Gibson is a good guy in a world that has gone a muck after civilization has deteriorated into gang control. Fuel has become a precious commodity. He who controls it, has the power. Gibson, like Smith, only wants to survive. He becomes an unlikely hero in this harsh world of survival.

In Revelations we read about a 13 month world war which will cripple the United States, and leave about 1/3 of the world population dead. Many will be like Smith and Gibson, only wanting to survive until mankind has regained his senses. Government control and "sanity" will come about because of those who have survived and are true supporters of the Constitution.

On the banks of the Delaware, George Washington looked around and saw his troops suffering from cold, fatigue and hunger. His compassion was full and his determination rekindled to build a nation that would allow it's members lifelong freedoms. Even as he sat there building this nation in his heart and soul, he was shown a vision. This vision showed Washington that this great Nation would eventually fall into enemy hands.

The movie "Red Dawn" with Patrick Swayze gives us a good view of how a foreign invasion could occur. A small group of high school rebels known as the Wolverines try to defend their home town and Nation from Russian troops. This not so happily-ever-after movie needs to be found in an edited edition, as the stark reality of what could be is too graphic in language and violence to be tolerated as a whole.

Just as "Red Dawn" gives us a glimpse of safety, and "I am Legend" verifies camps of safety and protection, so does the Lord promise us safety and protection. This promise is based on obedience and purity of heart. Not all who cry "Lord, Lord" will be saved.

Purity of heart does not mean perfection of heart. It simply identifies those like Gibson, Smith and Swayze, who want only to help others survive. There can be no selfish agendas. It must be an "all for one" desire of heart.

Though this blog may appear disheartening to some, I believe the movies mentioned above, can give us an inward motivation to seek more earnestly to follow the prophet and his counsels. Obedience to the Lord always and without hesitation.

Return to the Neighborhood.

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