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The summer television season is about to begin. There are new shows appearing, like "In Plain Sight". Some will not reappear, like "New Amsterdam". And some are returning favorites, like "Monk".

Television can be our friend if we control it and not be controlled by the television choices. We choose what will watched and what won't be watched. "Monk and "Psyche" continue to be a favorite Friday night viewing on USA for our household.

Monk is an obsessive compulsive detective whose idiosyncrasies make even the oddest person feel better about themselves. We laugh at Adrean Monk while knowing we are laughing at ourselves. Our family often asks each other if we are feeling "Monkish" when we find each other straightening pictures or putting things in straight lines.

Psyche consists of an individual who is so good with the power of observation, thanks to his father's constant drilling during his childhood, but is unable to get on the police force. Needing a steady income he poses as a psychic for the police department and ropes in his best friend as an accomplice. This show is an easy mind exercise for the evening.

I watched "In Plain Sight" last night. It was interesting enough for me to watch it again next week, but it didn't grab my heart. It may have had something to do with the woman (Kay) trying to seduce the FBI agent protecting her, by taking off her shirt and exposing her bra. That was so not necessary that I do hesitate to watch it again.

"New Amsterdam" was a new show this past fall that we had marked with our DVR just so we could catch every episode. The story is about a police officer who has lived over four hundred years, while not aging. Sadly it has been cancelled.

Good things are out there for adults. It is getting harder as we all for the younger children to find things that are appropriate. It would appear that in order to have something "appropriate" it has to be totally mind numbing stupid. Fortunately there are still some steadfast good choices like Dora the Explorer. Picking a choosing good shows for children means watching them! That is my nightmare. Ask day cares and schools what their recommendations are. Ask friends and neighbors. You will find some jewels out there, like "Animal Planet".

What ever your preferance is, now is the time to be looking and doing your research.

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