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Neverwas is a movie that I believe has passed unnoticed by the public...a sleeper as it were. Released in 2006 this movie is "For everyone who wishes Narnia and Oz were real places. Though children everywhere read about the land of Neverwas, it only exists in the imaginations of the young and the book's author (Nick Nolte). But when the writer's son, a psychiatrist (Aaron Eckahart), begins to look into his father's life, he realizes that Neverwas may be more real than he thought. While working at an institution where his father lived, he discovers a man (IAN MCKELLEN) whose ramblings paint a picture of the fantasy world. Fantasy and reality collide in NEVERWAS, also starring Brittany Murphy and Academy Award winners Jessica Lange and William Hurt." (

Zach (Aaron Eckahart) is a psychiatrist who has his own issues. In the institution he is working for, he comes across Gabriel (Ian McKellen) who won't talk with anyone. Zach is able to talk with him only because he is his father's son.

Nick Nolte, plays Zach'z father T.L. Pierson. T.L. was institutionalized for depression after which he wrote the well-known children's book Neverwas. A fantasy book about a fantasy world, or so everyone thinks.

Zach has grown up under the shadow of his fathers notoriety while struggling with the reality of his father's suicide. Enters Maggie Blake (Brittany Murphy), an ardent fan of Neverwas. She finds it difficult to believe that Zach isn't in love with the fairytale that has enriched her life.

Together Zach and Maggie discover that Neverwas is real and belongs to Gabriel. The hunt begins to find Neverwas, and return Gabriel to his home. In appreciation for Zach's help, Gabriel gives Zach the emotional key to release the guilt he has carried for so many years.

When I bought this movie I thought I was getting a cute adult fairytale for a light-hearted evening. I took it to my daughter's house and watched it with her and her husband. Unknown to us, was the jewel which we had stumbled onto. This movie can in part answer the empty question of "Why?" when it comes to dealing with a loved ones suicide. Though the movie does not focus on this aspect, it is clearly the stumbling block in Zach's life. With visions from the past elaborating the circumstances of his father's mind, Zach is finally able to put the issue at rest.

The cast of characters play their parts with superb believability. One is drawn into their world, without realizing it. This movie is a 10 on my list for drama. It is rated PG-13 because of thematic issues. I would not count a DVD library complete without this movie in it.

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