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Camp Rock was released in stores last week. I picked it up today and the kids eagerly grabbed it from my hands and immediately inserted the disc into the player. They sat riveted to their seats during the 98 minute showing.

I had never really listened to the Jonas Brothers before today. I think their tone and music are definitely catchy for this generation. My ear however likens them unto the many Disney artists that are being cranked out yearly like the Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana and others. Joe Jonas, the lead singer, has a squeezing, pushing quality about his singing. It's almost as if he doesn't have natural volume and has to make up for it in a forced attempt. The group sound is good and I am sure that the pre-teen and early teen females don't know the difference. When googling the Jonas Brothers I found page upon page of links for them, so their music works...just not with me.

The movie itself is about a girl who wants to fit in at an elite music camp. Her mother is the camp cook and so she is allowed to attend the camp which would normally be out of her parents financial realm. Of course Mitchie doesn't want the rest of the camp participants to know her background. The plot of deception is set from the beginning and of course the lie comes back to haunt her.

Joe Jonas plays the role of a famous rock singer named Shane Grey who has traveled far from the roots of his original music and is disgruntled with his life. He is the dance instructor at the camp. He hears a beautiful singing voice and is determined to find out who it belongs to. Obviously it is Mitchie.

The moral of the story is to not form pretenses for people, but to be true to one's self. This is a typical, clean, fun musical from Disney. It is safe for all family members to view. As an adult, the movie may appear lacking in substance. It should not be compared to High School Musical.

The best production in the movie is the Camp Rock song. The duet between Shane and Mitchie "This is Me" comes in second.

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