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A good movie for children 5 - 10.

"While Stella is browsing on a Halloween site, she somehow transfers a ghost into real life. They work together on making sure the ghost gets his final wish and that Stella has the perfect haunted house this Halloween. I am not much of a watcher of family movies but I think this one was well done and it kept me entertained and laughing. it was a good change of pace and a neat way to bring "horror" to the kids. I recommend checking this one out for family movie night. This one gets a 3 star rating from me."
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Created by PorchLight Entertainment, which distributes and produces some awesome movies for families, "I Downloaded a Ghost" is no exception to the rule. This non-scary ghost movie tells the tale of Stella, the new girl in town and Winston, the cabby comedian who meets death early. Stella wants to have the best haunted house for Halloween, but she is competing against Terry Tomlinson, the rich girl in town.

Winston can't go into the after-life because he has been unjustly accused of robbing a golden cat. Stella can help, but in return Winston must help her with the haunted house. The two use each other to accomplish their goals.

A friendship is eventually formed, not because of usefulness, but because of giving of ones self to one another.

This movie stars Carlos Alazraqui, Ellen Page and Vincent Corazza. Filmed in Canada and made for television in 2004, this film has charm. Reminiscent of Disney movies like "Escape to Witch Mountain", this is sure to be a family favorite for the Halloween celebrations. Rated PG for thematic purposes, there is no documented profanity ot crude humor. This is truly a film for the family.

After watching this movie serve up a special treat with the following recipe:

1 lg box orange Jello. Mix as directed and let set in pan.
Mix 1 package cream cheese with 1 small container cool whip. Top set Jello with mixture.
Crush one package chocolate graham crackers and cover cream cheese mixture.
Use Lorna Doone cookies as headstones and place candy pumpkins around graveyard.

My kids love this and have asked for it every year for approximately 10 years. Maybe it will become one of your family favorites too!

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