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It's My Dog Skip meets E.T., 19 October 2003

Author: mack3175 from Metairie, Louisiana

"This is a very entertaining lighthearted film, it's for anybody who has a pet. 12 year old Owen Baker(Liam Aiken) is a very lonely boy, who's best friends so far seem to be the neighbors dogs he walks everyday. Owen really wants one of his own. One day his parents take him to the pound to get one. He finds a cute dog and names him Hubble. But Owen slowly discovers, this is no ordinary dog. Who just happens to be a very intelligent dog from outer space. A pure delight for the whole family. Matthew Broderick is also good as the voice of Hubble. It's funny and delightful. Please don't quit making movies like this."

This is a canine version of "The Cat from Outer Space".

We have had this movie in our collection for awhile and only today did I sit and watch it. Released in 2003, this movie stars Liam Aiken . Liam had been considered momentarily for the role of Harry Potter. Unfortunately, his direct lineage and nationality were not British. (

Hubble, the universal traveling dog, has come to give a report as to the earth dog's rule. He quickly finds out that they are not what he expected to find, instead they are the dreaded....pets of humans. Hubble explains to Owen (Liam) that if the dogs do not pass the test of the Greater Dane then all dogs will be recalled to Sirius (their home planet).

This film was produced through the MGM studios but has the classic Disney feel to it. One scene at the beginning of the movie has Owen trying to teach Hubble tricks. Hubble seems to be doing a remarkable job as he follows every command the first time. Owen asks Hubble to "play dead", and this dog does the shot-in-the-heart-slow-death- scene. I laughed so hard I had tears.

Rated PG for some mild crude humor, this movie is appropriate for all age groups. I should never have let this movie sit on the shelf for so long. Bon appetite!

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