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Nim's Island is a cross between Romancing the Stone and Swiss Family Robinson.

Nim's mother was lost at sea. Nim's story is that the ship Buccaneer caused a whale to swallow her mother. Her father is a marine biologist. They live on their own island (Nim's of course) under the shadow of an inactive volcano.

Dad goes out to sea for what he believes is a couple of days. Where would the story be if nothing happened? Jack gets caught up in a monsoon and his boat is severely damaged and takes on water. His whole goal is to get back to Nim.

Nim also gets caught in the monsoon on her island but is able to overcome her small obstacle.

In comes Alex Rover, adventure novelist whom both Jack and Nim admire greatly. Nim is corresponding with Alex about volcanos while Jack is gone. In fact Nim hikes to the rim of the volcano for Alex. On her way down she is injured.

When Jack does not return home Nim is worried about him and her injury. She implores Alex to come and help out. Alex lives in San Francisco and Nim's address is 20 degrees south, 162 degrees west. Not easily found.

Oh and did I mention that Alex is a recluse with major phobias, like Sigourney Weaver's character Helen Hudson in Copy Cat? Alex only eats Progresso Soup and she has a near nervous breakdown when airport security confiscates her can opener. They also take her "Germ-X" bottles. She can totally identify with Monk. Yet she continues forward encouraged by her every present main character hero from her novel. Her conversations reminiscent of Bogus.

All of this is enough to have the viewer sitting on the edge of their seat but when the ship "Buccaneer" shows up with her crew to turn the island into a Pirate Resort day trip for tourist, Nim must count on all her friends to defend their island.

Galileo (the stork) is busy flying back and forth to Jack's ship helping him repair the problems with his boat. Selkie the sea lion tries dispelling awful scents around the tourists in hopes of seriously offending their senses. Fred the bearded dragon lizard, solicits the help of his friends (or is it his relatives?) in a high-flying caper intended to frighten everyone off the island. Nothing appears to work until Nim's "fake" active volcano turns some what real.

This movie is rated PG and is perfect for every member of the family. Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler are perfect in their lead roles. If you need a good movie for the evening, go buy or rent this at your favorite store. It is a keeper.

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