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Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie, and Jimmy Osmond make up the group known as "The Osmonds". They have performed for over 50 years. They recently finished a 50 year, sold out, world wide tour. Many people know of their accomplishments as musicians, but other than die hard Osmond fans, many people may not know of their many screen appearances, whether on their own show or on talk shows. They Osmonds have movie credits under their belts too.

Donny Osmond is currently known for his role in "College Road Trip". The Osmonds however are versatile in their talents. They have appeared not only on screen but on Broadway. Recently, Merrill starred in the "Civil War" musical production in Salt Lake (Spring of 2008). I was lucky enough to get tickets. The production was fabulous. It was made more special because Merrill was in a lead role.

Many Osmond DVD's and VHS are available through their official website, Amazon and ebay (I hope those last two are self explanatory!). My collection of Osmond movies include "Going Coconuts" (A movie Donny and Marie both say was a mistake they don't want to repeat. Interesting to note however, it is Donny's wife Debbie who receives the royalty checks as it was a wedding gift to her.) I personally enjoy this movie as it is perfectly harmless and parent approved. Of course the age range is probably 6-10.

Side By Side is the story of the Osmonds rise to fame. Many of their songs and concerts can now be found on DVD as well. The Brothers (mainly Wayne, Merrill, Jay and Jimmy), still perform on cruise ships , and in Las Vegas.

My favorite is Merrill. I was lucky enough to spend an hour one-on-one with this wonderful man during his Christmas Performance in Reno last year. Besides being star struck, I was totally enthralled with this very "real" man. Polite, gentlemanly, handsome and above all humble. He gave me his full attention and was interested in me as a person, not a fan. At the end of our time he looked at me and asked "What can I do for you?". I was so stunned, I was speechless. My friend, Candace Salima, said she had never seen me speechless. In the end I reverted to fan status and asked for an autograph on a poster mounted in a frame. He gladly complied.

The bottom line is that you can't go wrong with Osmond movies. Always clean and family friendly. The links above with their names will give a list of your favorite Osmond's appearances. Then you can go shopping and see what is available for your collection. What a wonderful way to spend an evening with your family. Whether it is music or a movie, this will be a nice change of pace for everyone.

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