Apples and Oranges?  

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All we hear about lately is the budget and some people think enough is enough, let's move on to other things, but I have yet to voice my opinion.

I am out right flabbergasted over the budget that has been proposed and then approved. All of the "earmarks" have yet to be disclosed to the American people. The more I hear about these things the more I roll my eyes.

You see I am an average American who has their own budget and has to live within those limits. It's nice to study bees, but not at the cost of having food on the table. It's also nice to be able to borrow money from friends and family when needed but not at the cost of bankruptcy.

Every penny should be accounted for. Every penny should be spent within/for the United States (household). Every penny should be spent on necessities and not wants. Every penny should be talked about amongst the leaders (adults of the household). Nothing should be slipped in the budget without the other knowing about it.

Necessities are the basics: food, clothing and shelter. Wants are everything else: phone, cable, cars, make-up, meals out, etc. As the National Financial Advisor I would keep these things in clear perspective.

I would also cut the fat out of budget immediately. Let's talk about the billions of dollars that go to care for illegal immigrants.

Illegals apply for food stamps. They would need to provide a green card. No green card, go back to where you come from.

Illegals apply for medical. They need to provide a green card. No card, go back to where you came from.

Illegals apply for work. Show your green card. No card, no job. Go back to where they came from.

Illegals break the law, they face the judge. No green card, no American rights. Immediate sentencing, jail time and then send them back to where they came from.

By handling and maintaining illegals correctly billions of dollars would come back into the governmental budget. Americans would have more jobs too. After all I would never feed the neighbors and take care of them without taking care of my own first. I would not ignore those who are my responsibilty.

Of course Americans need to remember that even working at McDonalds helps to put food on the table. I like the movie "Pursuit of Happyness". It shows how we should be as citizens. We should do all in our power to achieve success. Shelters and handouts are for those truly going through a hard time, not for those who wont work.

Food Stamps? I know a lot of Americans use them and survive on them. How many of these citizens grow gardens? How many know how to preserve the food they grow? How many people prepare for a rainy day? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a perfect program of working for what you receive. Many of these members who need help surviving in today's economy, work for what they get. Stake Farms need able hands, Churches need to be cleaned, talents used for the benefit of others.

The SHARE program in Norfolk, Virginia requires people to contribute their time and effort on a voluntary level in their community in order to receive food. Babysitting for free. Serving in a Soup Kitchen. Making booties for newborns. Driving the elderly to the market or the doctors. Work for what is received. What a lot could be accomplished if the Food Stamp Program worked that way. Museums, libraries, parks, could all be maintained and beautified with a communities working hands and not the government's money or more aptly put, the taxpayers money.

I would put the responsibility of the providing for a family back on the shoulders of the American people. You might have to eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot dogs, pancakes, or oatmeal, but that would only make the steaks taste sweeter.

Are we as citizens willing to sacrifice what it takes in order to not get further in debt within our homes? Are we willing to stand up to a governmental administration and tell them "No" when it comes to spending out the wahzoo? The government is like a giant household for the nation. Financially it should be run like a regular household. It is not an apples and oranges situation. It is an apple and apple situation.

Will some one please forward this to Washington? Maybe some one out there will get a clue.

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