Romney for President in 2012  

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Why would Mitt Romney be "the" man to vote for in 2012? I believe he will be the only one who has enough commitment, experience and brains to get us out of the debt that Obama has already gotten us into. Mitt Romney did wonders for the Massachusetts budget, and bailed Utah out of a Olympic financial disaster. These two incidents alone look great on his resume.

Mitt Romney also can change his opinions when he has discovered he is wrong. During the '08 Presidential campaign, Romney changed his stance on abortion. Many in the media, and from opposite political parties, tried to resurrect Bush's "flip-flop" slogan against John Kerry on Mitt Romney. Mitt's answer to this attempted slur campaign is what won me over to his side. His comment? (paraphrased) Aren't we suppose to change our stance on things when we learn that our stance was wrong in the first place?" Wow! A man who admits that he was wrong and then takes responsibility for it. He sounds kind of...well honest. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change for a President?

Mitt Romney is also a man of God. As a Mormon (a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)in good standing, Mr. Romney has to answer some great questions about his integrity in order to participate in some of the most sacred ordinances in the LDS Church. Questions like...(paraphrased) "Have you been honest in ALL of your dealings with your fellow man?" (taxes, business, lies, everyday actions, etc) "Is there anything in your conduct regarding your family that is not in harmony with the teachings of the Church?" (abuse, neglect,demeaning, demoralizing etc). Wouldn't you like to know he still has to answer those questions appropriately after he's President?

Mitt's lineage is noteworthy also. He is descended from great men. Men who have declared to the world the testimony of God,and His Son Jesus Christ. Men who have been taught from their youth that this land is a sacred and promised land. Men who understand what is worth fighting for and know when to fight for it. Romney has been taught these things from his infancy. He knows that it takes hard work and responsibility to make it through life, not a hand out.

Mitt Romney also knows that to be a good leader you don't need to keep making laws to appease the people. You need to enforce the ones that have already been established. Consequences need to be applied immediately to offenders; ie illegal immigrants. The laws are already there, just enforce them.

The greatest reason I have found to vote for Mitt Romney is because he loves America. He is a patriot willing to do all in his power to protect this great nation and it's people. Mitt Romney is the only man who comes close to portraying "President Palmer" in the TV series "24". We need leadership like that today. We need more Jack Bauers ("24") as citizens. We need honesty and integrity.

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