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I only want to talk on one aspect of the debate and it is that of the illegal immigrants. Bill O'Reilly, Andrew Wilkow, Mike Church, Michael Reagan and others have continued to talk about Hillary's inability to answer the simple question about supporting a bill in New York for illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licences.

The definition of "illegal" is that which is against the law. An illegal immigrant is one who is not an American citizen and has broken the laws of this land by entering illegally. They should not receive, licences, welfare, education or medical benefits until they have gone through the correct channels.

June's edition of Time magazine showed the "plight" of southern illegal immigrants in Ilinois. The article showed rooms where several people lived in order to survive the high cost of living on their own. Our sailors live in smaller spaces on ships while putting their lives at risk defending this country. Most enlisted military are qualified for welfare also.

The democrats ideology of "live and let live" seems to apply to those who are criminals in our own country rather than for those who die fighting for their country. Does this picture seem wrong to you? It certainly does from this side of the fence.

Mitt Romney had it right when he said that we have laws already in place to handle the problem, all we need to do is enforce them. Hillary's whining complaint was one of compliancy as she wondered how else to deal with the problem in her state. People if she can't handle this opposition which is so important and yet small compared to the concerns of the this land, how in the world is she going to handle decisions in the White House? I say we took the garbage out 8 years ago, lets not bring it back in.

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