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Reader Beware....I am just a music lover with no formal training. Comments from this blog are pure opinion.

Have you received Josh Turner's new CD "Everything is Fine"? If I hadn't known any better I would have sworn this was his greatest hits CD. There is something for everyone on this CD whether or not you like country music. The best thing about it is the positive notes he sends out about life, but I am getting ahead of myself already.

Most people will recognize Josh's single "Firecracker" on this CD. If the truth be known this song was the very reason why I bought the CD. "Firecracker" has been hitting the charts and stands on it's own merits but it is not the only jewel on this new release.

"Everything Is Fine" brings reality home with the country music sound we all love. A home, a wife, a truck and a dog means everything is fine. Simplicity and eloquence in a warm hug from the south is the gift of this song.

"So Not My Baby" I have termed a "teeny-bopper head banger". If a female were to sing this song it would be so sweet as to make more than one taste of it intolerable and yet the bass voice of Josh makes it fun and has you tapping along. This diamond has been polished to perfection.

"Trailerhood" made me laugh and smile as I remembered friends and relatives who have played out the soap operas sung in this song. Put it to a fifties type rock-n-roll country beat and you have yet another gem.

"Nowhere Fast" is Osmondic in it's vocal chorus harmonies, but you would never find the Osmonds singing about liquor and gambling. This song, however, reveals the character realizing he has struck rock bottom and he needs to pull himself up by the boot straps. This song may be a subject for a future philosophical thought.

The Irish Ballad of "The Longer the Waiting" needs to play the airwaves for the thousand of Navy personnel we have sailing the seas. Bagpipes blended with country guitars equals candle light and dinner.

Finally for the Christian music fans, you will not be disappointed with "The Way He Was Raised". I felt like I had listened to a phenomenal Sunday School lesson with this one. The life of Christ in modern word and music set this one apart from others I have heard. I would love for Josh to make a Christian CD with this and "Long Black Train" on it.

There are yet other fine jewels to discover on this CD (hey I couldn't let all the cats out of the bag). The point is....if you haven't bought it, go out and get it!!!

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Guess I'll have to check him out!

November 12, 2007 at 10:27 AM

You can go to his website at and listen to samples of his music. He is my new promotion project.!

November 14, 2007 at 11:52 AM

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