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I finally went and saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. My youngest daughter also came. This was the first Indiana Jones movie she has seen. In our home the Indiana Jones movies were banned about 17 years ago when my third daughter got too interested in the Raiders of the Lost Ark. A satanic scene in Raiders had caught her attention at the age of 6 (this was my parental wake up call to the influence of Television in the lives of children).

This Indy movie has no Satanic rituals, but lots of action. Of course the bugs had to be in there. Scorpions (big black ones) crawling on Mutt's body and stinging him, a large snake to make Indy squirm, and big, fat red ants. I love the bug scenes only because it makes me cover my eyes and shake my hands as if they were on me instead of the characters. Vicarious thrill.

Professor Oxley has lost his mind (haven't the best of us though?) and has been kidnapped by the Russians. Ox is trying to return the crystal skull taken from sacred chambers years before. Marion (the love of Indy's life) goes after Ox, only to end up kidnapped herself. Marion's son Mutt tracks down Indy for help and the adventure begins.

Mutt by the way is Indy's son, but we saw that coming from the very beginning.

My daughter enjoyed the movie and now wants to watch the originals. I will probably let her since she is not six and she knows the difference between reality and fiction, right and worng, and righteousness and sin. But as a good parent we all want to evaluate where our children are emotionally and spiritually to know if they are able to handle such movies.

The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is rated PG-13 for violence and scary images, but there are also some strong four-letter words. For action and adventure I would recommend it.

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