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There are many wonderful shows out in TV land that are produced for the sole purpose of entertaining us. Literally hundreds of channels with thousands of choices. One could channel surf all day and find anything from games shows to soap operas. That unfortunately is what the majority of Americans do with their TV time.

Cable and satellite companies offer a variety of educational channels too. The History Channel is one of our favorites. We learn from our past. Although there are many inaccuracies, due to man's limited knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, There are still many worthwhile tings to learn.

From "The History Channel" I received a set of DVDs on the Founding Fathers. As mentioned previously in my life, my blood runs red, white, and blue. I try to instill this in my children. This segment of "The History Channel" was a great tutorial for them. Of course all ages are not able to comprehend such a wonderful program. For the younger children I started them out with Charlie Brown's Patriotic tribute.

The Discovery Channel is exactly as it's name suggests. Viewers can watch as the world is discovered in its people, language, culture, children, etc. The sea or the air is open for discovery. My daughter who has some disabilities loves to watch this channel, especially when they have ancient Biblical discoveries associated with it. She had several moments of educational struggles in school, but this channel has her eager and willing to absorb what is taught. Again this is a wonderful channel as far as it is presented correctly (see "Plan of Salvation above").

Do your children need information on any war in history? Check out The Military Channel. Our cousin Weldon can literally live on this channel. I enjoy watching segments with him, because this channel presents wars from both sides of the field. There have been many stories and facts revealed about our allies and enemies, that I would never had learned, because of this channel.

There are so many wonderful channels out there to investigate. The Biography Channel is another favorite. I have segments from Bob Hope, the Osmonds and others.

The great thing is that once you watch a segment and enjoy it, you can usually find it available in their respective stores. Watch it again and again. Teach one generation and then another. Buy them and donate them to local schools or churches. C'mon! Walk on the wild side of education.

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