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I have become addicted to Glenn Beck ever since he moved to Fox. I use to watch him occasionally before, but now my DVR is set so I don't miss an episode.

Glenn speaks the words of my heart and the thoughts of my mind. He is defending the Constitution of the United States openly. He is gathering like minded people together so they don't feel alone. He aired a you tube video about what ">Thomas Paine would say if he were here today.

Glenn's 912 project ( gaining momentum all over the nation. Almost 200,000 people have become a member in just a little over a week. This is enabling America to be united again. From supporting "tea bag" parties to 912 parties across the nation, Glenn is a voice that America can trust.

When Obama is compared to the ">Holy Messiah
as a spoof, I worry because some where in the future some one will believe even this irreverent analysis. Obama brings shame to the true Messiah.

Glenn Beck's show however has frequently hosted ">Joel Rosenberg as a remedy for distorted truth. Obama hype or Joel Rosenberg? No brainer there.

What a clear precise balance of the news. With Glenn Beck on the we, as Americans, will not be brainwashed by the media's ill perceived view of events. Every episode shows the less important issues that the media covers that day, then Glenn cuts to the chase and talks about real issues that need to be addressed.

Thank you Glenn for being an American hero. Thank you for hosting American heroes on your show. Thank you for speaking my thoughts.

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